Compadre Craft beer is built on friendship, crafted by five friends who knew exactly what it took to make damn good beer. With quality ingredients, the finest equipment, and unmatched expertise, Compadre Craft makes for an excellent brew—the kind deserving of good company. It's beer done right: made for all to enjoy through the good times and the bad. It's the beer you deserve.
Brand Identity 
Brand Strategy
Brand Naming 
Packaging Design 
Creative Direction: Deane Miguel & Kookie Santos
Lead Strategy: Karina Abola
Lead Design: Paolo Geronimo & Kookie Santos
Craft beer has always had quite a niche market, with no local brewery truly making a dent in the craft beer space. Seldom do you see craft beer as a go-to for the common beer drinker. With this in mind, Compadre Craft was set on making craft beer more accessible and desirable for a wider market because everyone truly deserves good beer.
What we needed was to build a brand that did not discriminate. We got down to the nitty-gritty by getting to know the market better, studying the industry, and even tasting various kinds of beer. What drove a bulk of our strategy was understanding why people drank beer. It's the kind of drink that brings people together—new and old friends alike. That's what struck a chord with us. The very essence of what beer is as a drink: a catalyst for friendship.
The idea of friendship was at the root of our brand strategy and creative direction, which shaped every single facet of the brand down to the brand name Compadre and its beer variants: Real Deal, Bitter Truth, Wise Advice, and Dark Secret. Our brand system also touched heavily on the packaging which we made sure looked as good as the company you keep.
We realized that beer tastes better in good company. Beer being the drink for inside jokes, shared secrets, and memories you’d rather forget.
Each bottle was designed to the detail, highlighting each of the beer variety's individual complexity, all while forming an overall cohesive look and feel.
Enjoy compadre at the brewery and draft. Check them out on facebook and instagram.

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