Easy, Tiger is a quick-service restaurant that serves authentic Thai food with flavors that will knock you out. The brand itself is a visual feast, immediately bringing you the buzzing streets of Bangkok with its unique charm and authentic flavors. It's affordable Thai food made for everyone to enjoy—all day, every day.

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy 
Brand Naming
Environment Design
Creative Direction: Kookie Santos
Lead Strategy: Vicky Marquez & Selina De Guzman
Lead Design: Paolo Geronimo

Restaurant Interior Design c/o Dee See Interiors
Thai is a cuisine full of mouthwatering flavors and aromas, which is exactly how we came up with the name "Easy, Tiger"—urging you to take it easy because you're sure to beg for seconds. While Thai food is loved by many, it may seem a little exotic to your first-time diner. This was a challenge we had to overcome. How do we make Thai food exciting and welcoming to a market that has never tried it before?
The first thing we did was to take inspiration from the name and create an interesting narrative. We came up with a Tiger character that shaped the brand's story: a retired Muay Thai champion turned master chef. In line with this idea, we drew the Tiger in different poses that incorporated both his fighting form and cooking techniques.
We also took a lot of inspiration from Thai culture itself, putting a fun spin on it to attract our audience. With this in mind, we wanted the visual language of Easy, Tiger to be sweet, spicy, and street-savvy. We took pieces of inspiration from Thailand's vibrant culture: traditional batik patterns, street vendor kitsch, and the fighting art style of Muay Thai. Given the restaurant's food hall format, we made sure to create a brand that was easy to understand, yet exciting enough to pack a punch.
Inspired by the name, we created a character that shaped the brand's story: a retired muay thai champion turned chef extraordinaire.
With the restaurant's long queues during lunch and dinner service, the brand became an overnight success. And with Thai food this good, it's hard not to dig in and ask for seconds.
Visit easy, tiger at the corner market located in the podium and uptown mall. Opening in more locations soon. check them out on facebook and instagram.

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